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GENERAL WARNING to visitors to this property and to all properties displayed at individual sites hereunder.

As a visitor to http://www.holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk and to the sites of holiday properties displayed and represented hereunder you are visiting free of charge and of your own volition.

The information on the http://www.holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk website is provided solely to enable you to make make contact with the owners or their agents of properties displayed on this site and to learn about the same properties.

holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk is unable to ensure that the information and descriptions and material describing the properties displayed is correct accurate and complete.holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk does not accept liability for any error or omission of whatever nature in information and descriptions and material describing the same properties.

You acknowledge and agree that all proprietary rights in the information and descriptions and material describing this property, including all accompanying pictures illustrations and photographs, reside with the owner or owners of the property or their agent or agents and shall remain their property, as their respective interests may appear.

Reproduction, distribution and transmission of any information and descriptions and material describing a property and contained in this web site is strictly prohibited without the permission of the owner or owners or their agent or agents, as their respective interests may appear.

The fact of the appearance and presence of details of any property on this site must not be construed in any way as a guarantee on the part of holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk as to the safety of the same property and its associated lands and facilities or as to their compliance with any relevant health and safety laws and regulations whether local or national or international.

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Offices:- holidaylet-cornwall
HIghways studio Lewannick road
TR8 5hj
Tel: 07779306497
E-Mail: info@holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk
Web: http://www.holidaylet-cornwall.co.uk

Terms and Booking Conditions

1. The information on this website has been compiled as accurately as possible.  

2. The holidaymaker undertakes to keep the premises and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the premises in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the holiday and also undertakes to leave the premises in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found.  Should there be any damage or breakages, we will deduct the cost of the same from the security bond held.  If the cost of the damage or breakages is greater than the security bond, we reserve the right to charge an additional amount to make up the full cost of the damage or breakages.

3. The number of persons using the holiday property must not exceed the number stated on the booking form.

4. The owner of the property or caretaker is to be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.

5. A deposit of 1/3rd of the booking fee is due at the time of the booking, and the final balance is due 13 weeks before the start of the holiday.  If the booking is made less than 13weeks before the start of the holiday, then the full booking fee is payable at the time of the booking.   Payment by cheque or paypal.

6. A security bond is payable at the time of the booking, which will be refunded about a week after the end of the holiday, unless there are any breakages or damages as referred to above.  In the event that damages are incurred, the cost of repairing these will be deducted from the security bond.  If the cost of the damage or breakages is greater than the security bond, we reserve the right to charge an additional amount to make up the full cost of the damage or breakages.

7. If the holidaymaker finds it necessary to cancel the holiday, Holidaylet-cornwall will endeavour to re-let the property.  If this is possible then any monies paid will be refunded, less a handling charge of 10% of the booking fee.  However, if it is not possible to re-let the property then the booking fee paid will be forfeited.  We recommend that the holidaymaker takes out holiday cancellation insurance to cover the possibility of having to cancel their holiday.

8. Holidaylet-cornwall makes every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday.  If however, you have any cause for complaint we are anxious that remedial action is taken as soon as possible.  It is essential that you contact us or our representative immediately if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved.  It is often extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to resolve difficulties properly unless we are promptly notified.  Discussion of any criticisms with us or our representative whilst you are in residence will usually enable shortcomings to be rectified straightaway.  In particular, complaints of a transient nature (for example, regarding preparation or heating of the property) cannot possibly be investigated unless registered whilst you are in residence. If you remain unhappy with our response, you should, within 30 days of returning from your holiday, put your complaint in writing to us. This procedure is designed to ensure the speediest possible investigation and rectification of complaints. Please help us to help you by following this procedure. If you fail to do so, this may affect your entitlement to claim compensation where this would or may otherwise have been appropriate.

9.Bookings are not accepted from persons less than 18 years of age or groups of single sex parties unless by prior arrangement and with the agreement of the Owner.

10. holidaylet-cornwall will not accept liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of the Owners or any other person not within the
employ. Nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience whether to person or property, which the Guests or any one
connected with the letting may occur, arising out of, or in any way connected with the rental.
. In addition, the Owners and holidaylet--cornwall accept no liability for loss of or damage to the Guest’s possessions on the Owner’s property or land.

Guest’s Obligations The Guest agrees:
i. That only those Guests named on the Booking Form are permitted to occupy the Property.
ii. To pay for any gas, electricity, fuel, Internet, telephone charges incurred during the let unless included in the rent.
iii. To pay for any losses or damages to the property caused by the Guest or a member of their party (reasonable wear and tear excluded), unless
the cost of making good is covered by the Security Bond.
iv. To take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and /tidy condition at the end of the holiday. A cleaning service is not provided during
the Holiday unless otherwise specified.
v. At no time leave children or teenagers at the property on their own during the day or overnight.
vi. To permit the Owners reasonable access to the property
vii. Not to part with possession of the property, or share it, except with members of the party shown on the Booking Form.
viii. Not to sell or transfer the booking to another party without holidaylet-cornwall's agreement
ix. Not to cause an annoyance.
x. Not to smoke in the property.
xiii. Damage / Outstanding Payments
The Guest is liable for the full cost of any damage caused to or within the property or outstanding monies owed for extra services provided by the Owner, . By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to
holidaylet-cornwall, to take payment for any damages / monies owing from your security bond or bank account.
xiv. Duration & Times of Holiday
i. Holiday bookings are for a minimum of one week and a maximum of four and commence at 3pm on the first day or the holiday and end at 10
am on the day of departure, unless otherwise notified.
ii. The holiday period booked will be confirmed on the Booking Confirmation provided to the Guest once payment (either the deposit or full amount) has been received.
iii. The Property will be available to the Guest and members of his party only and shall be used solely for the purpose of a holiday within the
meaning of Section 9 of The Rent Act 1977.
iv. In no circumstances may the period booked be exceeded unless written permission has been given by the owner and the Guest will
be liable for additional charges in respect of such extension.
v. The total number of people shall not exceed the number stated on the booking form unless notified to holidaylet-cornwall in writing before
the commencement of the holiday and in any event shall not exceed the number stated on the Booking Confirmation.
xv. Pets
Property details clearly indicates those properties where pets are permitted.
i. Pets must be well behaved and kept under control and at no time allowed in the bedrooms or on the furniture.
ii. Pets must not be leftj alone / unsupervised in the property.
iii. Neither holidaylet-cornwall nor the Owners can accept responsibility for the safety of any pet.
xvi. Smoking
All of our proper/es are completely NON SMOKING.
xvii. Inventory
Where and inventory is provided, any discrepancies are to be reported to the Owner or Housekeeper within 24 hours of arrival, otherwise the inventory will be deemed to be correct.
xiii. Linen & Towels
i. Bed linen is included in the price of the holiday and all beds will be made up for your arrival.

xiv. Authority to Sign
The Guest, who signs the booking form, certifies that he or she is over eighteen years of age and is authorised to do so and agrees to these Terms &
Conditions on behalf of all Guests included on the booking form, including those substituted or included at a later date. He or she agrees to take
responsibility for the party occupying the property.
xv. Breach of Contract
i. If there is a breach of any of these conditions by the Guest or any of their party, the Owners or holidaylet-cornwall reserve the right to reenter
the property and end the Holiday and ask the Guest and their party to leave.
ii. If there is a breach of any of these conditions by holidaylet-cornwall or the Owners, then the Guests have the right to end the Holiday and leave.
iii. The ending of the Holiday by holidaylet-cornwall, the Owner or the Guest does not affect that party’s other rights and remedies.


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